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Magento is the renowned ecommerce platform now a day. It comes with huge range of functionality, but when it comes to the imagination of people, they want to develop default Magento features up to their expectation. As an e-commerce website development, this platform has earned worldwide esteem in the online marketplace since its launch. It is a beyond comparison e-commerce tool that ensures increase in profits and status of the businesses around the globe. If the online retailers want to get the most from this feature-rich, more functional and powerful e-commerce platform, then they can install plug-ins or extensions in their e-commerce website. This approach helps to expand functionality of the online shops and guarantees future-proof business with high revenues and optimized returns.

·         With Magento, everything from the storefront to the layout of website can be customized enabling businesses to expand the boundaries of innovation to create incredible shopping experiences. Simply put, Magneto is E-commerce at is excellence!

·         Magento cannot adjoin all those functionality in the default Magento as there can be thousands, so Magento developers are developing Magento extensions to improve the particular feature with more ease.

Services of Magento Development Company

Now a day, Magento has become the primary name in E-commerce website design and development. Prasad solution is the proficient Magento website developmentcompany.

Website design: Magento website design is all about to understand how to take a conversion optimized user experience and adding the accurate amount of unique brand personality to make your e-commerce store a reflection of your company. Graphic designers those who are present here understand your requirement to sell while maintaining brand integrity.

Website development: Many web development teams do not understand how to take the Magento Enterprise or Community core and seamlessly integrate custom features or new plug-ins. Adept development team continues to go forward the bar for other Magento web design teams to reach for.

Magento extension: Magento extensions assist merchants to enhance their Magento e-commerce software and give shoppers with a better user experience. It provides Magento services to customize our Magento extensions to meet your requirements and improves the functionality of your website.

 Glance over Some Magento e-commerce plug-in

Zopim live chat: A Magento powered plug-in for chat, sorts out this issue and speeds up response time. In today’s busy world, the online customers cannot afford to wait even a fraction of second for response from the sites owner’s end. It is duty of the business owners to respond instantly and address needs of the customers; else they will look for another option from shopping viewpoints.

Shipworks: All the entrepreneurs around the world want expansion in their business because it is a positive aspect that assures the utmost profits. But, growth and popularity do not come simply and require a lot of efforts. Shipping is the large concern or issue for the online retailers worldwide. To ease this task, Ship-works is a unique Magento plug-in that provides the functionality such as labels creation, updating orders and sending email to the customers. 

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